Week Commencing 13th July Events

Post date: Jul 12, 2015 7:54:01 PM

Exciting events planned this week:

Monday FS1/FS2 disco - 1.30pm (don't forget your party clothes).

Tuesday FS2/KS1 Sports day - 9.30am start (don't forget your coloured t-shirts).

Tuesday School disco - 5.00pm -6.30pm (tickets on sale Monday/Tuesday morning)

Wednesday KS2 Sports day - 1.30pm start (don't forget your coloured t-shirts).

Thursday FS2/KS1 Celebration event - 9.30am all parents welcome.

Thursday KS2 Celebration event - 2,00pm all parents welcome.

Friday Year 6/Class Donaldson Graduation/leavers event - 2.00pm all parents welcome.

If you have any queries please fell free to call in.