This week's news - Friday 6th March 2015

Post date: Mar 7, 2015 7:00:21 PM

This week was as busy as usual with lots of things happening in the academy. On Monday four of our pupils in Class Donaldson attended an event to help them work at an advanced level in mathematics. On Thursday we had our academy 'open classroom' event and we also had a visit from the AET CEO Mr Ian Comfort (who was very impressed with our pupils and how well they are working) and on Friday six of our pupils represented the academy at the renaming event for Royston Civic Hall. Over the next week or two we will be working hard to put together all of the information we have on the progress that our pupils are making in this last learning block. We will aim to get reports out to parents for the end of the Easter Term. We are also planning to hold two Celebration Events (one for our younger pupils in Freshers and Team Leeds and one for our older pupils in Teams Oxford and Bristol) on Thursday 26th March. This is the same day as the Friends and Family of Meadstead will be holding an Easter Disco for pupils.

Next week we will continue to host some secondary students who are on their work study placement. Last week we hosted three lovely girls from Holy Trinity Academy who were a pleasure to work with. We are very excited that the head teacher and deputy head teacher will be going on a study tour next week from Wednesday until Saturday. This involves us visiting some of the very best schools in the country to find out how they work so that we can bring ideas back into our academy for the benefit of all. However, as a result there are likely to be few posts on Facebook and Twitter next week as we won't be here to do them. Mrs Bailey, Miss Berry and Mrs Gilbert wil be in overall charge of the academy over the three academy days that we are not present and we remain in constant contact via mobile throughout our absence.

Finally, just to let you know that, following parental feedback, we have decided to purchase the academy app that we were trialling. I will be updating this fully over Easter as it will take some time to get all the information in but we will update as much as we can in the meantime. Since we now have so many ways of updating parents - Facebook, Twitter, website and the academy app - we are currently considering withdrawing paper copies of many of our newsletters etc so that we can be 'greener' as well as reducing costs in the academy so that more money can be channelled directly into purchases for the classroom. Our governors will discuss this proposal at their next meeting on 19th March and, as ever, we value any views that you may have.

For our pupils in Freshers 2, there is an impending trip to the theatre on 18th March and you can download the information and permission form from the Freshers web page if you haven't received a paper copy.

PS Don't forget to enter our reading competition. Simply send an image of yourself reading in an unusual place. There is a category for staff, parents and pupils and the competition is open until the end of term. Send images to