This week's news - Friday 30th January 2015

Post date: Feb 1, 2015 4:22:48 PM

First of all a big thank you to all parents/carers for your forebearance during the difficult weather conditions this week. We all have our fingers crossed in the academy that the weather will be kinder to us now that we are just about into February. Can Spring be just around the corner?

We have had a number of really positive events this week in the academy. On Wednesday we had the parents/pupil meeting for Class Donaldson about the forthcoming residential visit to Kingswood. Everyone is very excited about this annual event and it doesn't seem more than 5 minutes since we were taking last year's group. Later on Wednesday we had the parents' evening and this again seemed to be very well received and a brilliant opportunity for us to tell you just how well your children are progressing. On Thursday we had a full-day workshop for Team Bristol (Y5/Y6) with Humanutopia which was themed around anti-bullying, how to work as a team and support each other and how to have big dreams for the future. What we witnessed in the workshop was very inspiring with some children revealing dreams that we had never heard before. The week finished on a really high note (literally) with a workshop for the academy choir which was led by a member of the 'Voice in a Million' team prior to their taking part in Sheffield.

If your child is a member of the choir then further information on their visit to Sheffield to take part in the Voice in a Million event will be sent out in due course. However, for now it is worth noting that the date is Monday 23rd March. The choir will be required to be in Sheffield for a rehearsal in the afternoon and then will perform in the evening. Tickets can be purchased for the evening event. Don't worry, we know that it will be a very late evening finish and so we plan to arrange a late start for them on the Tuesday morning so that they can catch up on their sleep. We are currently looking into the feasibility of offering places on the coach to parents/carers but they would need to amuse themselves in Sheffield for the afternoon whilst the rehearsal takes place. Tickets cost £12 and can be purchased from

Our final bit of news is that Barnsley have just started the formal consultation process for the future of Children's Centre services. We strongly advise everyone who uses this service now or may use it in the future to look at the documents and ensure that you get your say by completing the survey. You can do this by going to