Friday 11th September

Post date: Sep 11, 2015 1:17:48 PM

This week's news - Fri 11th September 2015

It has been a busy week in the Academy with all children starting to settle into their new classes and academy routines.

A new format of newsletter will be coming out today and we would really love to gain your feedback on this format, and if there is anything else you like adding to the newsletter. An electronic copy of this can be found under parent communications.

Also, coming home with the children today is a updated parent information booklet that has all the core information relating to the academy. An electronic version of this can be found under parent communications.

We would like to thank all the parents for their patience and support whilst trying to embed the new morning routine. We would really appreciate if you can ensure that your child has a reading book every morning to read as part of this routine.

As always if there is any thing you would like to discus with regards to your child's education then please feel free to call in for a chat.