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Teacher Mr J Simon

Teaching support - Miss J Wileman

Home learning

Our new topic is focusing on 'The Suffragettes'. We have being doing some fantastic research this week to gain an understanding of how the Suffragettes impacted the world we live in.

A letter has gone home regarding Class Oxford's Bikeability sessions that will be starting next week.

Our PE sessions are every Wednesday. Can you please make sure your child has kit in school on a Monday and it is taken home on a Friday? We also have Character Curriculum which will require kit so it is vital that kit is in all week.

Wednesday 25th March

Maths - Have a go at the decimals and percentages activity sheet. Use the video to help you in case you get stuck.

NumBots - Check out Numbots! Can you set up your own account and give it a go? Follow the link and the instruction which have been posted on twitter?

Spelling - Find a partner and give this game a try outside in the garden.


1. Number each other 1 and 2.

2. Person 2 write begins the sentence by writing any word down.

3. Person 1 follows by adding to the sentence with another word.

4. Take it in turns until each sentence is complete and one player decides to end the sentence.

5. A full stop earns you 1 point and a question mark or exclamation mark earns you 3 points.

6. Once the sentence is complete, add up your points and start again, with player 1 starting the sentence this time.

Points system

Using a spelling word (look at 5 and 6 list) correctly - 5 points

Using a full stop - 1 point

Using a question mark or an exclamation mark - 3 points.

Tuesday 23rd March

Maths - fractions sheet B. Use the video to help if you get stuck.

TTRS - Complete the second section of your TTRS sheet or go online.

Reading - Continue reading the extract you started yesterday and answer the next 5 questions. Don't forget about book club!

Challenge - Can you create your own rainbow to hang somewhere around your house to allow your neighbours to see?

Keep smiling!

Monday 23rd March

Maths - Have look at the fractions resources and use the videos on White Rose Maths hub to help you in case you get stuck.

TTRS - Complete one of the first sections of TTRS or go online.

Reading - Choose one the of extracts to read and have a go at answering the first 5 questions. If you have time, go on book club.

English - Can you write to someone who may be isolated? What about the elderly or someone in your family who you might not be able to visit for a couple of week? Can you write them a letter?

Geography - During our unite lesson last week, we looked at countries around world that are being affected by slavery. Can you chose one and collect some more information about it? You can put this into a piece of writing or use a computer to present your work.

Get started with your online learning from home with White Rose Maths. This will cover some of learning you have not yet been taught in Y5. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @meadsteadyear5


Online learning resources - Home school learning

Class Oxford will do PE on a Wednesday. Please make sure that your children have their PE kits, hair is tied up and earrings are covered or taken out.

Spring 2

Equality and Diversity

What makes us remarkable?

During this topic children will be learning about modern day slavery and children will be locating countries which have a high proportion of slavery. We will be looking at forms human trafficking and discussing how people are treated across the world

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A warm welcome to Class Oxford

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