Communication and Interaction Resource Provision (CIRP)

Welcome to the Communication and Interaction Resourced Provision

The Resourced Provision at Meadstead Primary Academy was opened in January 2000. The Resourced Provision offers education for primary aged pupils who have Communication and Interaction Needs. We have allocated spaces for ten pupils.

At Meadstead Primary Academy CIRP (Communication and Interaction Resourced Provision) we aim to:

• create a safe and secure environment

• provide high quality education based on the needs of the child

• advance the education of children with autism and encourage them to reach their full potential

• provide a broad and balanced curriculum

• offer a high level of experienced support in order that each pupil can be included into the school community and activities as far as they are able to

• enable our children to begin to work towards an independent life


  • developing and encouraging children's learning by using their strengths and favourite things both as an incentive and as a reward
  • using play as an essential part of children's learning through both adult and child led activities, building trust and developing social and emotional learning
  • encouraging independent communication at every opportunity, providing opportunities to make choices and requests throughout each day. We use P.E.C.S (Picture Exchange Communication System) and aspects of T.E.A.C.C.H as aids to communication.
  • providing many and varied opportunities for the children to learn life skills and independence both in their personal life and in their learning

CIRP Staff

Sarah Morgan

Sarah Reaney

Sharon Arnaboldi

Jodie Hennel

Lauren Bamforth

Analise Blackburn

Michelle Unwin

Lauren Caton

More information on accessing help for your child with SEND

You can find out more information about getting support for your child with SEND and the local offer on our SEND web page.

To find out more about autism, watch the video below from the National Autistic Society

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