Behaviour & Discipline Statement

Our behaviour policy underpins our aims and reflects our commitment to “discipline with dignity”. Parents send their children to Hillsview Academy expecting them to be safe and able to learn. All members of our community have the right to a positive, stimulating and secure learning environment where the highest standards of learning and teaching can take place. Through positive reinforcement and timely intervention we foster the values of our Academy, enabling our students to take their places as confident, responsible members of society.

We manage student behaviour by:
  • Providing a clear and effectively-communicated framework of acceptable behaviour. All students will be aware of the choice they have
  • Establishing an academy where mutual respect and sensitivity are paramount
  • Fostering positive and mature attitudes towards relationships and work
  • Ensuring that lessons are well-planned to engage all students
  • Having standardised uniform, punctuality and attendance policies to minimise potential conflict or confrontation
  • Establishing the Hillsview Academy ethos that learning is our core business. We will not allow the behaviour of a student to disrupt the learning of others
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31 Jan 2017, 01:06