Welcome to Four Dwellings Academy!
I am extremely proud to be the first Principal at Four Dwellings Academy. This is an exciting time for staff and pupils, one of change and development, and I welcome the continued support from parents/carers and our local community as we build a successful future together.

I believe that every pupil should have the opportunity to succeed in an environment that is calm, safe and focused on achieving aspirations.

At Four Dwellings Academy, learning is at the heart of everything we do, and pupils are supported and challenged to achieve their best and reach the highest possible standards.

I hope that the website gives you a taste of what Four Dwellings Academy has to offer. Visitors are welcome - contact the Academy and arrange to come and see us at work.

Becky Elcocks - Academy Principal

Year 7 Survey October 2014

97% are happy at school
96% feel safe
97% feel they can talk to staff if they are worried about something
93% find all lessons enjoyable
94% say they have homework every week
95% know how to report bullying
94% feel the school deals with bullying
97% state there are trips and extra curricular activities

Some of the comments:
"I really enjoy lessons because they are fun and the teachers are safe and strict"
"I really enjoyed Blackwell Court it would be good to go on trips like that again"
"I am enjoying after school football training"
"I have enjoyed being at this school so far and personally feel that I am improving gradually"

Suggestions for improvements:
"There should be more clocks in classrooms"
"Have more halal variety in food"
"Have lockers and more activities to do at playtime"




Becky Elcocks

Academy Principal

Diary Dates

Monday 5th January - Teacher Training Day (Academy closed to pupils)
Tuesday 6th January - Academy reopens
Monday 16th to Friday 20th February - Half Term Holidays
Friday 13th March - Teacher Training Day (Academy closed to pupils)
Friday 27th March - Spring Term Ends

Monday 13th April - Academy reopens
Monday 25th to Friday 29th May - Half Term Holidays
Friday 26th June - Teacher Training Day (Academy closed to pupils)
Friday 17th July - Summer Term Ends

Quote of the Week

"Older people sit down and ask, 'What is it?' but the boy asks, 'What can I do with it?'."
- Steve Jobs