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FXAspire is one of the many ‘out of classroom’ learning opportunities that Felixstowe Academy offers.  Students, teachers, parents and carers tell us that they highly value trips, visits and learning outside the classroom and we know that outside speakers and practitioners are extremely valuable in securing our young people’s understanding of the world of work.

FXAspire is running for two days towards the end of this Summer term, Tuesday 18 July and Wednesday 19 July 2017.  FXAspire is about fun, learning and opportunity.  It gives staff and students the time to work and have fun together in a very different way.  This builds and cements relationships and gives students the chance to see their teachers and support staff in a different light.  Likewise staff have the opportunity to see students ‘shine’ at something they enjoy and often excel at, other than their own subject.

What to do next?

We ask students to discuss the available pathways with their parent/carer and together select the top five pathways in order of preference by entering the pathway code and name on the preference form.  Please choose the pathways carefully as once allocated it will be unlikely students will be able to change.  At this stage, we would advise that students discuss choices with friends to avoid any disappointment later in the process.  

Please return the completed preference form to Student Services from Monday 6 March and no later than Friday 17 March 2017.  Ensure your form/envelope is marked with the date and time by staff when you hand it in as students will be allocated places on a first come first served basis.

Parents/Carers will need to pay the non-refundable deposit for their child’s’ first choice of pathway (shown on the reverse of the preference form) via ParentPay, which initially will be set up showing all the pathway choices.  Without this deposit your preference form will be returned to you and a place on one of your choices will not be allocated to you until it is resubmitted, following the ParentPay deposit payment.

Please note, waiting for the final deadline will mean that many of the more popular pathways will have been filled so a prompt response is recommended.

Students will receive a letter to confirm their allocated pathway on Friday 21 April 2017.  This will give further details of that pathway and suggested payment options for the remainder of the cost, which will need to be paid by ParentPay. Should the student not get their first choice, the deposit will either be transferred or refunded depending on the cost of the alternative pathway allocated.

If there are any questions or concerns relating to FXAspire 2017 please contact Mrs Cobain or Mrs Millan on  01394 288228 or by email

Pathway Availability

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FXAspire Booklet 2017

Preference Form

Non-refundable Deposits Form