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Junk4Funk Year 7 pupils make rubbish music!

posted 18 Oct 2013, 01:02 by WebResources Account   [ updated 18 Oct 2013, 01:04 ]
Bexleyheath Academy was very lucky to win a prize from Eco Schools, on behalf of EDF Energy last academic year for the hard work they did for Waste week. The prize that was awarded was a Junk4funk session for the day worth £400. 

Pupils were asked to bring in a cereal box to make an instrument. Using other recycling brought in from Victor the inventor of Junk4Funk the pupils were on a mission to create. 

The 35 pupils had fun learning about recycling and how to make an instrument out of rubbish. They were then asked to compose a track, existing or one of their own and then record their piece through an amplifier (many thanks to Mr Yeates-Music Director for the loan of the amps). The pupils worked hard getting their tracks to perfection before being recorded. They all enjoyed lifting the roof recording with their masterpieces through an amplifier and creating fantastic instruments. 

There was also a prize of two Junk4funk tee shirts for the two best musicians. All pupils received Vivomiles and a reward from Miss Matthes for their outstanding work. The pupils were yet again a credit to our Academy. 

There will certainly be some contenders for the next BA's got talent, some of those yr7 can certain sing and play music out of rubbish! 

Well done Year7 and Eloise, Cherise, Aimee and Katie in Yr12 for your support. 

Junk4funk offers the benefits which accrue from a Fun, Exciting and Educative environmental activity offering Music Workshops with an ethos of Sustainability where Music is made from Recycled / Waste / Found items. Junk4funk has facilitated more than 400 Recycled Music Workshops throughout the country, in Schools, at Festivals, for Council events, and organisations such as the National Trust, Fair Trade and Biffa.