Our Teaching School

One AET Family - Achieving Excellence Together

Our Teaching School Alliance is proud to be recognised as a national teaching school and offers anunrivalled level of support to all academies and schools as part of its mission: “To make our best better.”

Academies Enterprise Trust Teaching School Alliance is geared to meet the needs and aspirations of all academies and is fully inclusive providing expertise across all phases of education from early years and primary to secondary as well as special education.

We work as a team with you to explore and deliver the support that you need and we have a highly qualified and extensive team of experts to provide you with world-class capability.

We are an innovative, unique and exciting national network of 66 primary, secondary and special academies throughout England. Our overarching aim is to 'make our best better' by 'Achieving Excellence Together' because we believe  EVERY child matters. 

To contact our Teaching School, please call us on 0203 9475689 or email: