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TLC Education Group

posted 31 Jul 2013, 03:46 by   [ updated 31 Jul 2013, 03:47 ]

Meeting the educational needs of children outside the mainstream classroom framework can be complex, time consuming and expensive for schools. TLC Education Group works in partnership with schools, including many in the AET, to provide a flexible, professional and cost-effective way to meet their varied needs.

TLC Live is an online tutoring service developed by TLC Education Group using their bespoke educational content aligned with the National Curriculum. They tutor students between the ages of six and sixteen in English, maths and science using UK based, qualified teachers to deliver lessons in real time.

'We believe that individual focus is the best way to secure excellent academic results. We were impressed with the free trial sessions because of the individualised tuition with a fully qualified, UK-based teacher. The one-to one approach allows pupils to take their time with a subject and properly understand topics that they might not have had time to completely get to grips with in the classroom. We noticed increased levels of student confidence and understanding particularly because of the instant feedback which supported progress very effectively.

The quality of the tutors is impressive; they are approachable, friendly and know their subject. Our students have given the tutors a top rating after every lesson so far.

It is a cost-effective investment which compares favourably with those offered by other companies. We’re now rolling the platform out to a number of our students who require additional support in English, Maths and Science.’

Bev Boyce - Felixstowe Academy