Plastic Police

Team Members: Aaron Desmond, Grady O'Leary, Talan Gardner, Brandon Fogg, Shelby Montague, Andy Wendelboe, Taylor Elsmore, Lee Norris, Drake Garland, Jamison Jacheo Advisors: Teresa Merrifield and Nick Gagnon

Our goal is to minimize the amount of plastic used in our community

We are the Plastic Police and our goal is to minimize the amount of plastic used in our community. Our group is concerned about the plastic polluting our oceans and harming ocean life. Our overall goal is to create awareness and change the habits of kids like us and raise money to donate to an organization that helps clean the ocean.

Plastic is killing our Planet

Plastic waste is spreading over the world and into our oceans. 8 million tons of plastic gets into the ocean every year. All of this plastic is polluting our oceans and land. First, we buy 1,000,000 plastic water bottles each minute. A lot of these water bottles we buy are only used once and then put into the landfill where all of the other trash goes. A lot of the water bottles in the landfills end up in the ocean where they can harm animals.

40% of lakes in America are too polluted for aquatic life and swimming. This is also caused by us. More and more trash is being piled up each year. If something doesn’t happen to fix it then then our whole planet could become majorly polluted and destroyed. We could run out of oil and our oceans could be destroyed. But there is a simple solution to this, we need to eliminate single use plastic and start using reusable material.

Sea Turtle

We built a giant sea turtle out of single use plastic. We built it out of plastic to raise awareness about how many sea turtles are being harmed by plastic. Sea turtles can get caught in plastic and get deformed for the rest of their lives. Also, sea turtles can consume plastic and can become ill and possibly die from it.

5 different ways to cut down on your daily plastic use.

1: Bring reusable bags to the store with you

2: Use silverware instead of plastic ware

3: Use reusable food containers

4: Use reusable straws

5: Use reusable Water Bottles

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We presented at other schools such as Plymouth Elementary School, Wentworth Elementary School, Rumney Elementary School and our own school.

We asked them to take on our challenge and see how much they can do to help the world.


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