About the Plastic Police

Every year, the middle tier of Ashland Elementary School does this fun activity called project week. Last year we hosted a circus called “Under the Ashland Big Top” which was very successful. We performed in a circus including stilt walking, riding unicycles, juggling, aerial silks and other acts. This was loads of fun but this year we want to make a difference. The topic for our project week this year is changing the world. Many adults believe that kids our age are useless and lazy but we can do a lot more, we can make a difference.

The middle tier at our school split up into groups that we were interested in to help save the world. Our group first met on April 9th, 2019 as the environment group. We then made a plan to move forward with the idea of plastic pollution. We then made a mission statement and chose our advisers for the project. After, we got into our full groups and prepared to give a small presentation for some of the younger kids in our school. We put together a multimedia presentation and designed Plastic Police T-Shirts.

Afterwards we gave our presentations and started to plan what we would do for project week. We decided to put together a newer improved presentation that you can see below at the Subtitle: "We spread our knowledge to other schools." We traveled to different schools and hope to travel to more. We have raised much awareness and reduced a lot of plastic use in the community. There is so much more we can accomplish and with your help we can do it.

We Spread our knowledge to other schools near ours

We want to make a big difference

We want to go bigger

We want to advance to more schools such as interlakes and the rest of the schools in SAU 48. Then possibly advance to greater levels like the whole state of New Hampshire and possibly expand more.