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Indian Sustainable Housing Summit:

Building for change

May 26- 31, 2016

American Embassy School, New Delhi

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What is the problem?  

  • Too many people, not enough housing

  • High cost of living

  • Poor infrastructure (water, electricity, sewage & waste)

  • Environmental and social issues are often ignored in affordable housing developments.

What is the purpose of the Indian Sustainable Housing Summit?

  • To raise awareness about sustainable housing in India

  • To share ideas about possible housing solutions

What are we asking of 7th grade state delegations at our summit?

  • To understand the problem of housing in your state

  • To design, present and defend a sustainable housing solution, taking into consideration the environmental, geographic and socio-economic characteristics of your city

What are the final products:

  • A model of a sustainable living solution for your state

  • A presentation that explores the housing problem in your state along with a rationale/justification for your proposed model

What are the key ideas we are asking 7th grade delegations to think about when designing their housing solution?

  • Think about impact

    • on people

    • on the environment

    • on the economy

  • Think about innovation

    • what is new about your idea?

    • what is different about your idea?

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