Gift Certificates

AeroSoaringClub Gift Certificates

An AeroSoaring flight gift certificate makes a unique and memorable gift. The certificates can be used on any day of normal club operations, and are redeemable within 2 years of the purchase date. The recipient of a certificate may elect to transfer it to another person.

You can purchase Aero Soaring Gift Certificates at the club (using cash, check, or credit card). Altarnatively, you can make the purchase online via the Google Checkout buttons below. If purchased online, be sure to follow up with an email to providing the following detail:

    1. Full name of the gift certificate recipient

    2. Full name of the sender

    3. The address we should mail the certificate to

Upon receiving your email, we will prepare a gift certificate and mail it to the address you give us during checkout.

We will also confirm the mailing back to you via email.

Questions? Email us at

Buy A Glider Ride NOW

Flight and Cost

Lakeview 3000ft $140

Cloudbase 4500 $160

Mile High $180


15-20 minutes

20-30 minutes

30-40 minutes