Rides & Gift Certificates


Aero Soaring Club is located at Dart Airport, Mayville, NY. On weekends, this privately owned airport features a large flea market, a free aviation museum, and a restaurant..

We are 10 minutes away for the Chautauqua Institutution, and less than 1 hour drive from Erie and Buffalo. For a Map & Driving Directions, see: Google Map

See beautiful Chautauqua Lake and countryside from a silent glider. You and an FAA-certified commercial pilot will be towed behind a power plane and released to soar in a 2-seat dual-controls glider. If weather conditions are favorable, the flight may be extended by taking advantage of thermals (columns of rising air).

Logistics & When to Fly

Aero Soaring club provides glider rides weekends and holidays from May to late October.

A good time to show up is between 11:00 and 4:00. Even if the weather looks great, you should call (716 753-5125) to make sure we are operating and are not too busy. If we don't answer the phone, call again later (we have too much fun to bother with chasing recorded messages).

What You Need to Bring

Bring your COVID mask !

Wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock.

You are welcome to bring a camera on board.

Weight & balance requirements limit passenger's weight to 225 lbs.

We take passengers as young as 8 years old.

Only 1 passenger at a time.

We can accept payment by cash or check only at the airfield. To purchase in advance by credit card, buy a Gift Certificate !