AeroSoaring Club - Gliding, Soaring, Sailplaning near Erie,PA

Gliders, Soaring and Sailplaning near Erie,Pa 

Aero Soaring Club is dedicated to the sport of soaring in sailplanes. We are convenient to Lake Chautauqua, in beautiful western New York and an easy drive from Erie, PA, Buffalo, and Cleveland. 

We are temporarily re-located to Brokenstraw Airport in Pittsfield, PA, until further notice.

Currently our glider fleet consists of 1 Schleicher Ka-7 (2-place), 1 Pirat (single place), and a Pawnee PA-25 towplane.

As a club operation, we fly mainly on weekends, although any member may choose to fly on any given day. Instruction and demonstration flights are available.