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Address Change

    It is critical that you notify the school secretary when there is a change in your home/work address or phone number. It is the parents’ responsibility to keep emergency information current.

Admission Policy

    Charter Schools are schools of choice. All students in the San Diego Unified School District and all surrounding districts are eligible to attend AEA. If more students than can be admitted apply, the school will conduct a public lottery in an effort to establish a diverse student population, the following admission processes will apply:
  • Children of founders and staff are guaranteed admission
  • Siblings of students who are presently enrolled or are admitted through the lottery have priority.
  • German speaking students are given priority enrollment during the first enrollment period only (Elementary only).
  • Priority is given to San Diego Unified students over those living outside of the district boundaries.


    AEA Attendance Policy View Download

    SARB Policies 

Student Recognition/Performances

    Outstanding citizens, motivated learners, and kind and caring friends will be recognized for their contribution to the school. Parents of children to be honored will be notified by their teacher, and we encourage you to attend.

Before/After School Care

    Albert Einstein Academies contracts with SAY San Diego to provide before and after school childcare for our students in grades K-8. This licensed childcare program is offered to parents for a monthly fee, which varies depending on the time the child spends in the program. SAY uses several classrooms, the multipurpose room, the computer lab, and the library for activities. They divide the students into groups according to age levels. The staff are employees of SAY San Diego.

    SAY San Diego's enrollment form: Download

    In addition, within our Academies, we coordinate a fee-based After School Enrichment program. This program offers 10 week sessions on activities such as martial arts, crafts, dance, yoga, and much more. The adults who teach these sessions include teachers, parents, and outside contractors – all of whom have been properly screened.

    After School Enrichment: View Download

Cellular Phones

    Cell phone usage of any kind (voice, text messaging, camera, calculator, etc.) is limited to the following times on campus: before the first school bell and after the final dismissal bell. At all other times cell phones are to be kept out of sight and turned off (not just in ‘vibrate’ mode). Cell phone usage at any time other than those mentioned above will result in confiscation of the phone. This includes students calling parents during the day for personal reasons, illness, etc. These calls must be placed from the office so appropriate documentation can be established. Parents will be notified of confiscated cell phones, and may pick up the phone in the principal’s office. In the event a student has a phone confiscated a second time, a behavior file will be opened in the principal’s office and the student may be recommended for disciplinary action (see discipline plan in the student handbook below). In the event of a school emergency, the principal will advise students as to proper cell phone usage protocol.

    Elementary Student Handbook: 
View Download

Child Abuse Reporting

    In accordance with California law, school staff members are obligated under penalty of law to report the reasonable suspicion of physical abuse or neglect, emotional abuse or deprivation, sexual abuse, inadequate supervision, or exploitation to Child Protective Services.

Classroom Visits (Not for Volunteer Purposes)

    Recognizing that parents are the first and most important teachers for their children, AEA will maintain an open-door policy for parent visits to classrooms. However, we ask that parents observe the following guidelines when visiting classrooms:
  • Sign in at front office before visit and sign out when leaving
  • When at all possible contact the respective teacher ahead of time to let them know the date, time, and purpose of the visit;
  • Refrain from using classroom visits as an opportunity to drop off late homework, forgotten lunch, etc. as this creates inequity in the classroom and reduces student accountability
  • Remember that the authority of the teacher as qualified professional in the eyes of her/his students is of utmost importance and should not be openly questioned or challenged in front of the class. Conflicts between parents and teachers must be addressed using the Grievance Procedures (see below).
  • Respect the instructional process underway and realize that the teacher may not be able to fine time to speak—it is more effective to communicate with the teacher via phone, email, or meeting at another time.

Drop-off/Pick-up Procedures

Drop Off

7:50 “A” Street Gate Opened

7:50-8:10 Supervised Drop-off 

    School Employees will supervise drop-off. Parent need not park or get out of the car, but rather pull into the 3 minute drop-off zone along the north side of “A” Street. Elementary children can exit vehicle on the sidewalk side and walk to their designated class line-up inside the fence. Children may not be released from cars across the street unless they are walked safely to the gate. Middle School students will wait at the lunch arbor until the first bell rings.

8:10 First Bell Rings/Middle School Students dismissed from lunch arbor for Advisory Class

8:15 Sharp! Class Begins

8:25 Gate Locked

8:25 Late Students

    After 8:25, late students must enter school through Main Office (Ash Street). Therefore, parents will be required to park their car and accompany the child to the office, sign the tardy log, pick-up a tardy slip and walk their child to the classroom.


2:20 “A” Street Gate Opened

2:30 Kindergarten Classes Dismissed

    Children will be walked to the “A” Street Gate by their teachers. Parent may pull-up to the 3-minute curb and their child will be released to walk to the parent under the supervision of the teacher. Do not linger in the pick-up zone longer than 3-minutes or leave your car unattended. If you do not see your child right away, circle the block and try again. If you need to speak to a staff member please park elsewhere. Kindergarten teachers will remain at the gate with the students until 2:45.

2:45 Grades 1-5 Dismissed

    Children will be walked to the “A” Street Gate by their teachers. Parent may pull-up to the 3-minute curb and their child will be released to walk to the parent under the supervision of the teacher. Do not linger in the pick-up zone longer than 3-minutes or leave your car unattended. If you do not see your child right away, circle the block and try again. If you need to speak to a staff member please park elsewhere. Teachers will remain at the gate with the students until 3:00.

2:55 Grades 6-8 Dismissed

    Middle School students will be dismissed to the Ash Street gate for pickup. However, if the MS Students have elementary siblings or are carpooling with elementary school students, they may join siblings or carpool at the “A” Street Gate.

3:10 “A” Street Gate Locked

Emergency Procedures

    Parents will be notified immediately of serious injury or sudden illnesses that occur during school hours. For this reason you must notify the school office when there is a change of phone numbers or address. Be certain to include an alternate contact person if you can not be reached. In case of serious illness or injury, we will immediately call 911.

    We have a Safe School Plan in place with very specific procedures defined in case of natural disaster, fire, or criminal activity. We have monthly fire/emergency drills to prepare both students and staff for any future problem. In the case of serious disaster the children will be supervised at the school until you can arrive. Children will only be released to persons that appear on their emergency cards.

Field Trips

    Several times throughout the year, the grade level teaching teams will be organizing field trips that directly correlate with curriculum. Some minimal fees may be requested of parents/guardians, but sponsors are available. Participation is always optional. Students will not be permitted to participate in any field trip without a signed permission slip. Children will be directly supervised and every precaution will be taken to assure the safety of your child while away from the school.

Friday Communications

    Communications such as field trip permission slips, flyers, school notices, etc. will be sent home on Fridays. Information in the form of a School Newsletter about coming events will be published monthly in English and Spanish to keep parents informed and up to date. In an effort to enhance communication between the school and parents, the newsletter will be posted on our website. Hard copies will be available in the front office. Our website is updated at all times, including upcoming events posted on the calendar, as well as information that you need to be aware of. Please plan to review the website on a regular basis.

Grievance Procedure

    From time to time problems may arise that need to be addressed. The following procedures have been put into place to secure the lowest level of equitable resolution for the problem. A parent-teacher conference should always be the first level of this communication. If an agreeable solution cannot be reached, a parent-principal conference may be arranged. These procedures will be kept as informal and confidential as may be appropriate in order to facilitate reconciliation, communication and the strengthening of the school community. If resolution is not reached at that level, the grievance may be taken to the Governance Council at their monthly meeting.

Homework Policy

    Homework is planned to meet the needs of the students and has an essential place in the educational program. We urge all parents to take an active interest in your child’s homework. Elementary students should be expected to spend approximately 30 minutes per night, 4-5 nights a week, on homework. Middle School students should be expected to spend approximately 90 minutes per night 4-5 nights a week on homework. Please note these are averages; homework amounts may vary significantly depending on individual students and class requirements. Expect the level of difficulty and the time required to increase as students progress through the grades. Daily home reading in addition to other work is critical for academic success.

Homework is assigned…
  • To reinforce concepts and skills that have been presented in class.
  • To foster the student’s creativity and discipline through enrichment projects and research.
  • To train the student to work independently and to accept responsibility for completing a task.

Lost and Found

    We request that your child’s name be clearly marked on all items that come to school with them (i.e. pencil boxes, lunch boxes, notebooks, jackets, school clothing, etc.) Lost items that are found will be held in the office for 30 days at which time they will be resold by the parent club or contributed to charity. At the end of the last school year we had more than 30 jackets in our lost and found.


    Since food and nutrition are such an important part of a young child's life, we will continue to stress good nutrition. Please send only nutritious foods for snack time and lunch. Avoid highly sweetened food and drinks, as well as "junk food". San Diego City School provides hot lunches daily to all students at the cost of $1.50 per student, except for the students who qualify for free or reduced lunches. All families will be required to complete the school lunch application, regardless of whether or not you qualify or intend to use the lunch program.

    Participation in the program is voluntary, but we are requesting that all families complete the application so that we can serve lunch to your child in case of a forgotten lunch or other emergency. All information on the application form is held strictly confidential. As always, children are welcome to bring nutritious lunches from home. In addition, the District provides hot breakfasts from 7:40 to 8:00 a.m. on a daily basis to all students needing it at a cost of $.75, except for the students who qualify for free or reduced meals.


    If you require the school to give your child a prescription medication during the school day, you must bring the medication with a Doctor's signed release, in the original labeled prescription bottle, to the office with written instructions. Over the counter medications require a form on file that must be signed in order for us to administer medication to your child.

Morning Line-up Guidelines for Elementary School

    As elementary children enter the gate in the morning, they will be expected to line-up and wait for school to start. There are letters painted on the playground A-O. Each class will be assigned a letter where they must wait until their teacher comes to pick them up. They will be supervised by a staff member for the entire time.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Approximately half way through the first semester parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled for all students December 1-5 to discuss your child’s progress. Please make every effort to keep the designated appointment. Our Spring semester conferences will be scheduled the week of March 23-27. Spring conferences are considered optional but we encourage all parents to participate if possible. Remember that parent-teacher conferences need not be limited to these times. If you have concerns at any time, feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss your child’s academic progress. As a reminder, Parent-Teacher Conference weeks are minimum days.

Parent Volunteer Service Hours

    Research indicates that there is a positive relationship between the level of involvement a parent has in their child's education and how well the child does in school. The single most important reason our school is so successful is because of the involvement and volunteerism of our parents. We are requesting that every parent sign a School/Home Agreement and complete the Volunteer Survey. Each family is asked to donate 5 volunteer hours per month in some capacity at the school. Your involvement is a very specific statement to your child about how much you value education. The state does require TB screening and a clear read before working as a volunteer directly with children. Ask in the office for more information on TB screening.


    All students are expected to achieve at least grade level proficiency in order to merit promotion to the next grade. Recommendation for retention is only made after careful evaluation of student performance in conjunction with parents through the SST process. All aspects of the child’s development are considered; emotional, social and academic development impact the decision. Parents can request retention, but should discuss their specific concerns with the teacher and administrator.

    AEACS Student Retention Policy 
View Download

Report Cards

    Reports cards will be issued at the end of each semester. If you have any questions regarding the information on the report cards, please contact your child’s teacher. 

School Supplies

    Different grades have specific school supply needs, therefore each teacher or grade level has developed a list of requested materials to be provided by the parents. A list of requested supplies will be sent home the first day of school and your willingness to supply these items will be greatly appreciated. Contact teachers with any questions.


    Even though many families travel some distance to attend AEA, it is expected that children will arrive on time for school. It is disruptive to the teacher and unsettling for the students to have students enter the classroom late. School starts at 8:15 a.m. sharp. Please make certain that you plan for travel time and traffic problems to assure that your child arrives on time. Tardy children must report to the office when they arrive late (see Drop Off/Pick up Procedures for specific details).

    If you wish to take your child out of school before the instructional day ends, you must come to the office and sign him/her out. No child may leave campus during the school day without a written release form!

Toys and Electronic Items

    All toy and, games must stay at home! Electronic items (games, MP3 players, digital camera, etc.) are prohibited at school. If an electronic item is required for academic purposes, prior permission must be obtained from the appropriate teacher or principal. Electronic items will be confiscated and must be reclaimed in the principal’s office. Repeated confiscations may result in additional disciplinary action.

Traffic Flow

    With nearly 700 students enrolled, morning drop-off and pick-up will be especially congested this year. Please use caution and restraint to help keep our students safe. Take one extra minute to follow these driving instructions to keep our students safe:

Driving Instructions (See Map):
  • Turn north onto “A” Street off of 30th Street. Pull into the 3-minute loading zone to drop-off or pick up your child.
  • During pick-up, if you do not see your child within 3 minutes, please continue north on “A” Street, turn right onto 29th Street, right on Ash Street and right on 30th Street and circle back onto “A”. It is critical that you keep moving to avoid dangerous traffic congestion.
  • Do not drop children before 7:50 a.m. because the gate will be locked and your child will be unsupervised.
  • Do not park or leave your car in the 3-minute loading zone. If you need to speak to a staff member, please find street side parking.
  • Cars in violation of the 3-minute loading zone or illegal parking will be ticketed by the San Diego Police.
  • Slow down and follow the School Zone speed limits.
  • Utilize extra caution with pedestrian traffic.
  • Be respectful of neighbors. Do not block driveways, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Do not park across the street and let your children dart across.
  • Safety First! To keep our children safe we must all be vigilant!
  • Do not double park to drop-off your child.
  • Middle School students will be directed to the Ash Street gate for pickup.

Uniform Policy

    AEA Student Uniform Policy: View Download

    Closed toed or athletic shoes with non-skid soles are required. Sandals and similar footwear are not allowed. The only hats allowed to be worn outside of the classroom are AEA logo hats purchased by Morgan’s Monograms.