Behavior Management

Behavior Management Plan for 4th Grade

In order to maintain a classroom that allows all children the equal opportunity to learn, we have developed this classroom discipline plan.  Our focus is on maintaining a positive atmosphere where each child feels safe and valued.  We concentrate on rewarding appropriate behaviors and reinforcing the attitudes of the I.B. curriculum, such as being caring, respectful, honest, and responsible.  Please read and discuss the rules, consequences, and rewards with your child.


CLASSROOM RULES                                                   

  1. Listen to the Teacher.
  2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Raise your hand and take turns to speak.
  4. Work quietly and don’t distract your neighbors.
  5. Finish your work on time.
  6. Take care of your things and each other.
  7. Follow the Golden Rule.



    1. Warning
    2. Time Out
    3. Behavior Ticket
    4. Parent Conference


**SEVERE CLAUSE-  Misbehavior such as physical violence, unsafe activity, destruction of school property, or verbal threats will result in the 

                               student being immediately sent to the Principal.



Students earn verbal praise, trips to treasure box, and game time.  Table points are awarded for being on-task and prepared.  Whole class can earn game time (educational), movie time (videos related to our IB unit of inquiry), or class party. 

All students in the Fourth Grade are aware of this plan as we have discussed these issues during Community Circle Time.  We appreciate your support of these rules and consequences.  Working together we can make this a successful year for your children!