Goals for the year:

My goal as an educator is to help your student find a personal connection to the historical topics they will be studying.    Students become much more excited to learn about history when opportunities are provided to find correlations between their lives and the historical events being studied.   Throughout the course of the year students will be required to study not only events from the past but also the events currently happening in their lives, community, state, country, and the world at large.  This is a part of the class we call Current Events and World News and it is a great way to bridge the gap between the past and the present.

Homework Policy:

Homework will be issued 1-2 times a week..  Homework assignments are meant to build-upon the historical topics being discussed in class and allow the students the opportunity to “practice” what they have learned.  Take-home history books will not be needed to complete homework assignments. Students are to complete the assignment to the best of their ability and return it during our next class session.   Students are welcome to stay after school if they need extra time or assistance with homework assignments.  Please keep reading!

 This is the web page for Mr. Allen's  7th and 8th grade Humanities classes.  Please continue to explore these pages to learn more about your child's quest to solve the "mysteries of history".  Remember to scroll to the bottom of your students Course Outline to learn more about the topics and time line of our units of study.  Thank you for everything you do!