Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year!

Homework is usually given on Fridays and due the following Friday.  Check out the topics we are covering each week and ask your child about what we are learning in class.  If your child need extra help please write me an e-mail or just send them to school early.  I am in my classroom by 7:45 everyday except for Tuesday, which is my duty day.  Your child can find me in the lunch arbor on Tuesday mornings.

Please see ManageBac for exams, homework, and units of study

Homework Due November 18
"What did Gyro Exclaim When Dr. Freud Said: "You Have A Split Personality"?
Topic for the Week of November 14-18
Connecting Graphs, tables and y=mx+b

Homework Due October 28
Drawing a graph from a table or equations
Topics for the Week of October 24-28
More with Linear Equations: solving, graphing making tables and finding rules.
District Benchmark Test 1 will be given on Thursday 10/27
Algebra/Geometry Class: Chapter 4 Test Tuesday 10/25

Homework Due October 21
Distributive Property
Topics for the Week of October 17-21
Linear Equations, Tables and Graphs
We will have a quiz on Friday that will ask your child to graph several linear equations.

Homework Due October 7
"Tables, Equations and Graphs"
Topics for the week of October 3 - 7
Solving Equations from word problems, combining Like Terms, Perimeter
Exam Thursday

Homework Due September 30        Exam (all groups) Thursday October 6
"Solving Proportions"  See attachments if you need a copy.

Topics for the Week of Sept 26 30
Solving for a variable using Algebra Tiles and Proportions in word problems.

Homework Due Sept 23                                                         Chapter 2 Exam for "period 1 Mondays" will be given Friday 9/23
Combining Like Terms Worksheet

Topics for the week of Sept. 19 - 23
Using Algebra Tiles students are working on gaining a concrete understanding on variable expressions.  Concepts we will cover using our Algebra Tiles are... Neutral fields, simplifying expressions, and comparing expressions.

Homework Due Sept. 16
Solving equations from word problems

Topics for the week of Sept. 12 - Sept. 16
This week we are working on combining like terms using math manipulatives.  We will also look at the perimeter of figures with unknown sides.

Homework Due Sept. 9
Topic 5 worksheet

Topics for the week of Sept 6 - Sept 9
Algebraic expressions (guess and check method)

Homework Due Sept 2
Topic 4 worksheet

Topics for the week of Aug 29 - Sept. 2
Review of 7th grade math.
guess and check
(see lessons 1.1.1 - 1.2.3)

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