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Middle IB MYP - Creating Creativity

Unit Title:  Creating Creativity
Unit Question:  How can I be creative?
Significant Concept:  The world is a work of outstanding creativity.

Area of Interaction:  Human Ingenuity

The Design Cycle:

We are studying the elements of art which

 are the building blocks for creating art.



For our first project, we investigated the art of Lui Bolin.  He is a contemporary Chinese artist who creates photographs where he has painted himself to camouflage into the surrounding environment.
Look closely to find him...

We were inspired by Lui Bolin to create our own camouflage art.  Using scraps cut from magazines, we used oil pastels to create an abstract design that would camouflage our triangle. See if you can find the triangle...

1st semester Color Camouflage

2nd semester Color Camo

Ink Investigation

Ink Investigation

 In learning more about line, value and texture, the students explored the media of ink.  They were challenged to use unusual painting materials with the ink in order to create a variety of lines, values and textures.  In addition to bamboo brushes, they used toothbrushes, straws, chopsticks, cardboard, and sporks.

After exploring the ink, we got creative and used our practice sheets to make another art piece from them.  We drew a grid on the back of the paper and cut up the pieces and rearranged them on another sheet to create a collage.  The results were striking, individually, as well as putting them all together to create a giant class collage.

Sumi-e painting

Sumi-e is a style of painting that is characteristically Asian, and
has been practiced for well over 1,000 years.  Literally, ink painting, it is an art form that strives to distill the essence of an object or scene in the fewest possible strokes.

Sumi-e is an art form that takes years to master.  The students began their journey practicing their strokes before attempting their first sumi-e painting.

Sumi-e painting

Still Life Paintings

We explored line, color and value and created still life paintings.  First, we practiced drawing with contour lines and tried blind contour line drawings as well.  It was important to carefully observe the object and to go slowly.  We used viewfinders to create a pleasing composition of our still life.  After drawing the still life, we learned about color and the different color harmonies.  Students chose which color scheme they wanted to complete their paintings.  They could choose between monochromatic, analogous, triadic, complementary, warm or cool color schemes.  In addition to choosing their color scheme, they had to include tints and shades of the colors in order to create value within the composition.  The results were impressive.

Still Life Paintings

Assemblage Sculptures

While learning about the element of form, we were inspired by the sculptures of Louise Nevelson.  She was an American sculptor who created sculptures out of wood scraps.  Her sculptures are called assemblages.
The students assembled their sculptures from wood pieces and considered repetition, variety and balance when creating their artwork.  They also unified their pieces with one color in the style of Louise Nevelson.

Assemblage Sculptures inspired by Louise Nevelson

Exploring the Elements of Art

Geometric and Organic Lines and Shapes
Color Mixing and Value

The middle schoolers are trying to gain an understanding of the elements of art and how they are used effectively within the creation of art.  They explored line, shape, color and value through the creation of two pieces, a cityscape and a non-representational piece.  Using two different media: watercolor and acrylic paint, and two different methods: painting and printing, they were able to compare the two medias and tools and practice a variety of techniques.

Elements Exploration

Abstract Clay Sculptures

In exploring the elements of form and space, students studied the sculptures of Henry Moore.  They learned techniques for working with clay and created abstract forms using positive and negative space effectively.

abstract clay forms MYP sem 2 2010-11


Students learned the art of printmaking by creating an edition of a self portrait.  Inspired by the artwork of Andy Warhol, they added color and completed the series in a pop art style.

pop art portraits sem 2 2010-2011


For their final task, the students were challenged to take the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the semester and create an art piece that was inspired by a shoe.  It could be made using whatever media they chose to use and the artwork needed to communicate something about who they are.

art and sole sem 2 2010-11

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