1.  Have a basic understanding of the term TPACK and its components. 
2.  Develop your understanding of the different levels of technology integration. 
3.  Practice using a variety of tools and how they might be used in the classroom. 

Exit Ticket for the day...
Add a term that you learned today to our Glossary page.  

Introduction to a discussion/class tool

Join the group at Edmodo
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On the Edmodo- Introduce yourself (Name, what you teach) and then complete this sentence- Using a computer is like....

Complete the three surveys on our group's Edmodo page. 

Students as Contributors

In your group, respond to the video using this document.

Baseline Survey Data

We will be collecting some baseline data.  Please complete this survey.  
(Your results will be emailed to you during a break)

What is your current understanding of Technology Integration?

When you hear the word Technology Integration, what do you think of? 

Introduction to TPACK

 While watching the video, record your thoughts via this backchannel
 or this backchannel

Now that you have watched the video, read this article, Too Cool for School? No way!.  
Before reading, open this document and read the instructions.  
Please complete this form: 

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In small groups, choose a tool from the list below or one that already know.  

Describe the tool, what it can or cannot do, and describe how it can support what you currently or plan to do in your classroom, as well as any issues or concerns that you may have.  

Tools- (By no means an exhaustive list, just a place to get started!)

Record your responses using this form.  All responses are collected automatically can be viewed in this spreadsheet