Advanced Placement (EBSCO)

Advanced Placement Resource Center (AP)
Find journal articles (full-text and/or peer reviewed) to support your research in ...............

  • Display results visual blocks or a list.
  • Sort results by relevance or date.
  • Search for diagrams, charts or graphs to illustrate a key point.
  • Limit the number of pages in the article if you're in a hurry.
  • Limit to only cover stories in the hope you'll find diverse points of view.
  • Email articles to yourself to read later.
Getting organized
Option 1: Create a folder to save articles. Log in with the school username/password and do the search. Click Sign In and create your own account to save items.
Option 2: Serious researchers can create a Journal Alert and receive email or RSS feeds of new articles on your topic.

Go to AP and scroll down for the steps to download the app.

RSS Journal alert