Safety Warning
If you are in danger, please call 911 or the ADV & SAS Crisis Line at 1-800-892-3375. 
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A Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Service
We listen.  We believe. 

Let the healing begin...
We Can Help
The confusion, anger and fear following domestic violence or sexual assault is often overwhelming as survivors begin to rebuild their lives.
ADV & SAS offers an atmosphere where survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault can find support, resources and strength. With outreach locations in Ottawa, Streator, LaSalle, Pontiac, and IVCC Oglesby campus, our counselors and advocates can help you sort out your feelings and discuss your options.

   Emergency Shelter
         We offer emergency shelter in a homelike setting while you determine the best options for you
                and your family.
    Court Advocacy 
            A court advocate can help you obtain an order of protection and provide information about the
                court system.  The advocate can accompany and support you while making a police report
                    or attending a court hearing.
    24-Hour Hospital Response
            An advocate can be called to the hospital to provide support while you seek medical treatment
                following a sexual assault or domestic violence incident.
    24-Hour Crisis Line
            An advocate is always available to listen to you and to connect you with support and help.
    Supportive Counseling
           Supportive Counselors can help you sort out your feelings, develop new coping skills, and discuss your options
                as you begin to heal and rebuild your life.
    Prevention Education
            Prevention educators can provide educational information to community, religious and employee
                groups and in area schools.
        The decision to talk about sexual assault or an abusive relationship is difficult.  Protecting your privacy is important to us.  Services provided by ADV & SAS are free and confidential.
24-HOUR CRISIS LINE: 1-800-892-3375