Comprehensive Advisor Services, LLC ...Serves Retail Financial Advisors

Industry: Financial services industry

Founded: 2005 (originally dba "MML" since April 28, 1981)

Areas Served: U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, S. Africa

Services: Retail Financial Advisor Training, Software, Consulting, Tools

Headquarters Mailing Address: 7660 Fay Ave, H111, La Jolla, CA 92037

Programs: The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™, The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™, The Mark of Mastery™

Comprehensive Advisor Services, LLC offers three (3) program levels for professional Financial Advisors who serve individuals and families

What differentiates the programs offered by Comprehensive Advisor Services, LLC is that the company practices everything it teaches.

All systems, tools, methods, and processes presented in all the programs are taught by top Financial Advisors who have actually implemented them.

The company only presents the top 1% of what really works, because everything has been implemented by a skilled Financial Advisor in the field before it's presented.

The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™

The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ [Advanced Program]

An advanced program for professional Financial Advisors who serve individuals and families

The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™, our most advanced program, is for highly advanced Financial Advisors who have completed the first 12 Courses in The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™, and have been accepted by The Toolkit Staff as eligible and ready for this advanced program.

This is the flagship program offered by Comprehensive Advisor Services, LLC. Membership is split between Toolkit Direct™ members who sought this program out on their own, and members of Bill Bachrach's Committed Advisor Mastermind Program (Bill pays for all members of his premier program to be automatically enrolled in The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ upon their acceptance and membership in The Committed Advisor Mastermind Program he conducts).

The Toolkit System is exclusively for Financial Advisors seeking a method of serving Ideal Clients, after they've been acquired. The focus of program is about serving clients and increasing unsolicted client referrals, and is not exclusively a Client Acquisition skills program. The firm's maxim is, "If you want more referrals, you need to be more referable," and that's what The Toolkit System delivers for Financial Advisors in this program.

The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ HOME PAGE

The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ Home Page

Established: September 7, 2008

(This program began informally in 2002 from research conducted by the firm since 1981)

Focus: Exceeding Ideal Client Expectations by delivering

Truly Comprehensive Financial Services™ through a team of 5 skilled Subject Matter Experts, lead by a single Trusted Advisor serving as the single, simple, point-of-contact for clients.

The Toolkit System is an online software system designed, in part, to provide all systems & processes required, including all training and support for Deliverables Team Members, client progress meeting script binders, client meeting agendas, and all training courses and videos necessary to implment Truly Comprehensive Financial Services™.

This system provides all the procedures, training, and support necessary to build and lead a team of 5 skilled Subject Matter Experts to deliver Truly Comprehensive Financial Services™ to your Ideal Clients (A Tax Subject Matter Expert, Estate Planning Subject Matter Expert, Money Management Subject Matter Expert, Financial Planning Subject Matter Expert, and an Insurance Subject Matter Expert)

The Team Goal is to consistently exceed Ideal Clients' expectations as measured by The Annual Referral Rate™ (TARR) . Consistent increases in TARR results in the accomplishment of The Team Goal.

The software manages all checklists and assignments for every client progress meetings, which are scheduled onto this system up to 12-months in advance.

Prerequisites: Membership in this program is by invitation only.

The 7 Prerequisites "Required" For The Best Experience With The Toolkit

Best for: Financial Advisors who currently have Ideal Clients requiring a high-end service offering, or Financial Advisors who are adding Ideal Clients quickly (more than one per quarter).

Levels of Membership: Do-It-For-You (DFY) : $10,000/month, month-to-month, cancel anytime

Do-It-With-You (DWY): $1,000/month, 16-month commitment, then membership converts to a month-to-month fee cancel anytime

(Upon acceptance to the program, read program details carefully before joining)

The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™

The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™ [Basic Program]

A quick-start program for professional Financial Advisors who serve individuals and families

The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™ is for Financial Advisors who are new to our methods, are ready to begin implementing our basic systems and methods. This program is for do-it-yourselfers who like the idea of "re-inventing the wheel" by implementing elements of

The program consists of 2 elements.

1. The Monthly Project™: members have access to a project (course, lesson, tool, module) to implement each month and upon completion will receive the next project in sequence.

2. The Monthly Session™: A drop-in Q&A session is scheduled at least once each month to provide live group coaching to respond to questions and issues Financial Advisors encounter as they implement The Monthly Projects™

NOTE: All members of The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ begin in this program. If interested, any member may join The Toolkit Fast Track program to see if they're ready and eligible to join The Trusted Advisor Toolkit™

The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™ HOME PAGE

The Advisor P.A.C.T. Monthly Program™ Home Page

Established: 2016

(This program began informally as "The Quick Start Guide" in 2008, resulting from research conducted by the firm since 1981)

Focus: Delivering Truly Comprehensive Financial Services™

... and exceeding client expectations by delivering an Extraordinary Client Experience resulting in consistent increases in spontaneous unsolicited client referrals.

Program utilized The Referability Dashboard™ to measure increases in The Annual Referral Rate™ (TARR) from clients.

Prerequisites: None.

This program is open to any professional retail Financial Advisor (Investment Advisor, Money Manager, Financial Planner, Tax Accountant, Estate Lawyer, Insurance Professional, et. al)

Levels of Membership: Program membership fee is $200/month, month-to-month, cancel anytime

The Mark of Mastery™

The Mark of Mastery™ [Program For Financial Advisors who are just starting with these methods]

A free membership community for professional Financial Advisors who serve individuals and families

This free membership community is the starting point for most Financial Advisors interested in our methodology and represents entry-level materials of interest to Financial Advisors of any skill or experience level. Financial Advisors will find value from these courses and other resources, regardless of how advanced they are.

The Mark of Mastery™ is a free membership program for Financial Advisors offering free courses, tools, training, and other resources. As a member of The Mark of Mastery™ free online community, Financial Advisors receive free training, resources and weekly tips.

As a part of this free member community Financial Advisors receive sufficient training and support to raise awareness and to grasp of the essential elements necessary to initiate the transformational improvements described. Financial Advisors report that ample materials are presented in this free community to implement measurable forward progress using this methodology.

This free membership community was created at the request of Financial Advisors who desired a way to understand all the essential elements of this firm's transformational methods, before making any decisions to implement.

This free membership community provides ample information and training to understand these methods and begin implementing. If more advanced training, resources, and support are desired, Financial Advisors may graduate to the other, more advanced, programs and resources offered by Comprehensive Advisor Services, LLC.

The Mark of Mastery™ Home Page

The Mark of Mastery™ Home Page

Established: 2018

(This program began informally in 2008 resulting from research conducted by the firm since 1981)

Focus: The fundamentals of a truly client-focused business model,

with emphasis on the paradigm shifting and transformational elements of our process.

The Mark of Mastery™ free membership program is for Financial Advisors who are interested in exploring the methods top advisors use to acquire clients and then exceed their expectations.

Most Financial Advisors know very little about exactly what it takes to consistently receive unsolicited client referrals. The Mark of Mastery™ free membership community is designed to lay-out all the basics required to inspire clients to introduce you to potential clients without being asked.

Prerequisites: None

Levels of Membership: Free. Financial Advisors may join The Mark of Mastery™ community at no charge.

Optional: Select individual modules are available separately, at a cost, for Financial Advisors who wish to implement more advanced elements of this system, but who are not ready to join any of the other regular monthly programs offered (as described above).