Radio Show Schedule

COMM109 Shows and Producers

Monday at 10 AM- The Morning Joe

Producer- Tori Foote

Hosts-      Matthew Williams

                Javier Guerra

                Laura Samuelson

                Kristina Maddigan

Monday at 12:30 PM- Hipcheck Hockey Talk

Producer- Laurel Van't Hof

Hosts-      Max Gavin

                Shelby Gray

                Frank Crupi

Monday at 3:00 PM- AC Entertainment

Producer- Steven Mullins

Hosts-      Taylor Burr

                Patrick Yee

                Victoria Valent

                Shawne Lozano

Wednesday at 12:00 PM- 90's at Noon

Produced and Hosted by Spencer Simmons

Wednesday at 3:00 PM- The Bro Show

Producer- Cody Meredith

Hosts-      Jacob Vanderlught

                Matt Schnacht

                Earl Swift

                Joel Duncan

Wednesday at 4:00 PM- The Powerhour

Produced and Hosted by Meghann Brozowski

Wednesday at 5:00 PM- The Country Hour

Produced and Hosted by Spencer Simmons

Thursday at 10:30 AM- The Bulldog Bite

Producer- Elise Waller

Hosts-      Darrian Pitcher

                Allison Lochart

                Eric Hughes

Thursday at 12:00 PM- the Fab Four

Producer- Ellyn Stanton

Hosts-      Chelsea Creque

                Alex Knoll

                Joslyn Hatfield

                Arielle Williams

Thursday at 2:30 PM- Here's My Opinion

Producer- Spencer Simmons

Hosts-      Jay Hannah

                Matt Sisoler

                Kent McNeal

Friday at 11:00 AM- Mix w/ DJ Klaverflav

Produced and Hosted by Benjamin Klaver

Friday at 1:00 PM- Bullodog Mile File

Producer- Spencer Simmons

Hosts-      Clayton Kimer

                Tom Smendzuik

                James G.

                Tyler Ormiston

Friday at 5:00 pm- The DJ Simmons Hour

Produced and Hosted by Spencer Simmons