The students who run WVAC work for Rush Broadcasting in radio and video.  Along with streaming live from 107.9 FM, our group creates video clips that report on events around campus.

Our content is focus on Adrian College activities, groups, sports, events and more.  All audio and video productions are student made.

The Communication Department at Adrian College offer a series of courses that prepare students to work for Rush Broadcasting.  These range from basic announcing courses where students are introduced into the field, through Digital Media production courses where they learn the software and hardware that allows them to create a wide range of audio and video productions, and Directing courses where they learn to plan and manage productions.

There are even special activities courses where you are responsible for producing the shows of lesser experienced students. Students are then recruited from these activities courses to work for Rush Broadcasting.

"For the second straight year, Communication Arts students and members of WVAC 
won awards for their Broadcast Arts productions competing against Michigan colleges 
and universities including Central Michigan University, Michigan State University and 
Western Michigan University and a scholarship.

On Wednesday March 13th, Communication Arts majors attended the MAB awards 

                                                                                                                                            ceremony where they received two awards for their broadcast production work and                                                             

one broadcast scholarship.

Mike Neal, currently the Multimedia Designer for Adrian College, received second place

 for his Public Service Announcement. Nick Partyka, Ben Momon, Isaac Berky and James

 Graney received Honorable Mention in the College Television Talk Show category."

The 2013-2014 school year is expected to be the best one yet. The current Communication

 and Media Arts majors, as well as the upcoming students in the department are eager and

 excited to take their talents to the next level.