Modern Tools for Modern Languages

Welcome to the Goldsmith Language Resource Center and Linguistics Lab at Adrian College!

Goldsmith Lab is a multiplatform lab (Linux, Mac, Windows) that offers versatile and sophisticated tools for beginning to advanced language students. Each workstation launches into a user interface in any of the following target languages: Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, or Swedish.
 In the lab, Modern Language students are able to:
  • use complete business application suites in their target language
  • access current global multimedia (such as news, entertainment, television and radio broadcasts, and interactive games)
  • listen to audio materials linked to their courses
  • record speech for assignments and proficiency testing
  • communicate with students studying abroad via videoconferencing
The lab also allows advanced students to:
  • examine speech spectrograms to enhance their knowledge of phonetics
  • learn effective recording techniques when collecting speech samples from informants
  • conduct empirical experiments using behavioral stimulus presentation software
  • analyze linguistic data with tools such as regular expressions and the R statistical language

The Goldsmith Lab is located in the Goldsmith Center for Modern Languages & Cultures. If you have questions or feedback regarding the lab, please contact Dr. Seth Knox at

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