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About SCORM Harmonization: SCORM, as it exists in 2010, was built to support web-based delivery of learning content, based on initial design dating back to the late 1990s. The Web and Internet technologies have advanced at a pace that has now outstripped some of SCORM’s key features.“Web 2.0” and its ability to support collaboration and team-based training are highly-requested approaches that extend the instructional models directly supported by SCORM.

The model of SCORM delivery may be outdated given the ubiquity of cloud and distributed services. General availability to content can drive more just-in-time personalized learning than originally enabled. The SCORM Harmonization effort seeks to address these and other facets of use of content for learning, education, training, collaboration and performance support.

The conceptual model that underpins a “next” SCORM is framed in terms of key capabilities (Provisioning, Delivery & Launch, Presentation and Tracking) realized through suites of openly available technical specifications. The SCORM Harmonization ‘glues’ these capabilities together in a manner that provides a solid baseline, while enabling innovative, value-added solutions to be built on top by specialized Communities of Practice, vendors or other groups.

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