About Me
The Tidbits


Birthday 24th August
Birth Place Bettiah, West Champaran, India(Gandhi Jee ki "karmbumi")
Bangalore, India
Language Hindi, English, can read Tamil, Telugu and Kannada script


Prep Assembly of God Church School, Bettiah
Primary St. Mary's School, Bettiah
H School K. R. High School, Bettiah
Graduation St. Xavier's College, Ranchi
MCA NIT Trichy, Tiruchchirappalli


Hobbies ZZZzzzz....
Activities Working out, Swimming, Books, Movies, Cooking, Making things, Dance, Watching Cricket, Washing Cloths ;)
Passion Travel, Reading, Computers, Food, Cars, Bikes
I Like Me, My family, My Job :), My Friends
I Dislike Hypocrisy, Pretense, Intolerance.

My Memorable Moments

  • My 2rd Birthday (the first one i remember vividly :). [198x]
  • When We went to Nepal for new year picnic [1993]
  • When I completed 5 KM run (GOD i thought, i'll die). [1993]
  • My first year Munnar trip along with all MCA students [2002]
  • The Temple Day, when we made it to all three landmarks in and around Trichy (Brihadeeshwars Temple, Srirangam and Rock Fort) in a single day. [2003]
  • My trip to Puri, Orisa with a friend and 5 strangers who became good friends :) [2004]
  • First job, award, stage dance performance etc :) [2005]
  • First night out at work trying to fix server crashes [2005]
  • My trip to Provo, Novell's headquarter. First time outside Eastern Hemisphere :) [2007]
  • The department picnic to Wayanad,  Kerala [2007]
  • My Amsterdam trip [2008]
  • My first UK trip [2008]
  • Addressing the delegates of Novell BrainShare as a speaker [2010], [2011]

My Happiest Moments

  • The day my Principal picked me from 60 students to act out a nursery rhyme in my LKG. [1983]
  • When I asked GOD for a twin bro/sis and actually got them. Unbelievable, isn't it? [1983]
  • When my primary school principal came to our class because my name was missing from the team to represent the school in a quiz. [1990]
  • When I was the one of the 5 persons from my primary school to get selected for the most prestigious High school. [1991]
  • When I bounced back by scoring 49/50 after getting 17/50 marks in Physics, when the subject was first introduced to me. [1992]
  • When I was awarded National Talent Search Award by NCERT, and being the first one from our district. [1995]
  • When I topped the UG entrance exam, and was grilled by the college patron on whether I knew the question beforehand for I scored 67/70. [1997]
  • When I was entrusted by the same person to evaluate the entrance paper for my would be juniors in my UG. [1998]
  • My 20th birthday, coz i along with my friends went out for a really long ride and jungle dinner (in a roadside dhaba). [1999]
  • When I got selected for NIT Trihcy's MCA along with many other entrances while toping the Anna University Exam. [2002]
  • When my younger sister outpaced me to become the first earning member from our generation [2004]
  • When I got placed in Novell, after skipping first 5 companies visiting our campus. [2004]
  • When I reached Bangalore and after initial Hiccup, got adjusted to it :-D [2005]
  • When my younger brother got through his MCA entrance. [2005]
  • When I got GD/PI call from IIM Calcutta with 99.31 %tile, even though I wrote CAT just for fun :). Hopefully will be able to repeat it in better way when I will be in a position to actually join. [2005]
  • When my business unit @ Novell started The Rising Star award for me ;) [2006]
  • When I won a trip to Amsterdam beating everyone else at Novell in Hacking Contest [2007]

My Saddest Moments

  • When my Great-grandfather died, for i never saw my grandfather. [1982]
  • When I did not get through IIT-JEE, being the only engineering exam I appeared for. [1997]