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       An imperfect person who looks for perfection in everything around and connected to him, one who can see bugs in perfect looking code, small prints in glossy promotions and freckles in Aishwarya's flawless skin :)

       Like everyone else, I had a story to tell and I was always in search of a medium to tell it. I tried my hands on painting but could not draw lines the way I wanted to. I tried writing but most of the time the words that came out were not what I wanted to say or not the way I wanted to say. I tried my hands at music but then people around me went on ear-plug shopping :)

       And then suddenly one day I found myself sitting in front of PC-AT keyboard and 25x80 monochrome VGA display. And then one another day, I found myself in front of a PROLOG code which I had just written (which incidentally generated all sub sets of a given set, recursively) and heard myself saying "Gosh! Isn't she beautiful?".