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Who we are


The Territorial Economic Development Agency of Dajabón, founded on April 17, 2010, is a public-private entity, autonomous and with administrative independence, which works with a network of local institutions from the private, public and social sector.

Its main objective is to manage and promote the local economic development of the province of Dajabón, starting from the existing local potential, knowing that Dajabón is historically-spoken the most stable city on the Dominican-Haitian Border. A study conducted by the Program ART-PNUD helped to identify Dajabón´s economic potential. ADETDA forms part of the Network of Development Agencies of the Dominican Republic (RED ADELDOM) and the Latin American Network (REMALDH).

Mission and objectives

  • Promoting the local potential of Dajabón by developing local value chains, which are based on networks of small and micro enterprises in an inclusive and sustainable manner.
  • Building institutional networks that offer integrated services for the economic and social development according to the economic priorities of the territory
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, creativity and territorial innovation to create a new productive entrepreneurial environment.
  • Promoting the social inclusion of the vulnerable and low-income population, help them to enter in the labor market in a sustainable way.

•Training: through its platform ADETDA has organized training sessions for all of the members of the agency, in particular for small and micro enterprises.

Thanks to these sessions, we can observe changes in the management of the production, in particular with the introduction of Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices in the dairy chain, with an increase in the quality of the products of the apiculture chain, in the production of jam for the vegetables and fruit chain and the improvement of the customer service in the hotel chain.

•Microcredit Services and Guarantee Fund: this is one of the most important areas of ADETDA. This service has strengthened the financial capacity of the organizations that make up the different value chain, allowing them to increase their ability to purchase products at a better price and to invest into their own enterprises. The microcredit service has led to an increase in confidence which benefits the association. 

•Strengthening the links between the businesses in the territory: while supporting the groups that make up the value chain, the Agency is motivating and organizing other groups such as: agricultural and livestock associations (farmers´ associations), mother centers, neighborhood councils, youth groups, arts and cultural groups, etc. In 2013 ADETDA provided for the reorganization and the monitoring of the Chamber of Commerce in Dajabon, which had not been operating.

•Formalization of Cooperatives: ADETDA has worked to strengthen the relationship and integration between the IDECOOP (Institute for Cooperative Development) and the Cooperatives.

•Project development and management: ADETDA has trained a team in order to develop and manage projects to benefit the territory.