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Google G Suite - Online Biz System

Discover G Suite - Google Apps For Work

Your complete business online solution in one place, anytime, anywhere.
  • Emails with your domain name,
  • Web Site hosting and super easy to use website creator,
  • Shared Calendars and online document storage,
  • Office suite of tools for word processing, spreadsheets, forms and more
  • No more costly software, tech support, loading of software.
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G Suite Setup 
+1 year's subscription for your first user.
from a low $295 
(ongoing fees only $90/User/Year)

Optional Extras When Ordering

Domain Setup, Registration and Hosting for 2 years +$155

Website Setup and online Contact Form +$195.

Internal Website for business management (Private). Ideal for staff to record timesheet, leave, service reports and much more.  +$195.

Why G Suite?
No more costly hardware, expensive technical support, maintaining expensive software that does not talk with each-other or complex mail exchange or in house servers.

G Suite is Flexible, Scalable, Team Building, Anywhere, Anytime and on any Device. 

It's simple and no technical knowledge required or costly technical bills. 

G Suite Setup Package Includes
  • Initial Setup of your G Suite account to an existing domain with DNS services that you own and have access to.  
    For DIY domain registration visit or click here and leave it to us.
  • One User account established with unique email address. ($90 per extra User depending on G Suite edition)
Ongoing Cost (After initial year)

G Suite - $90 per User per year.


Other tools that you may wish to add to your G Suite system:-

A User is defined as a mail box. You can have more than one email address per main box. Eg. Jane has her email address but she also receives mail for info@... and sales@...

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