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Government grants can really help, especially when you growing or expanding an existing SMEs. However, most startup businesses will not qualify or find the grant process complex, time consuming and very competitive. 

Do you really need a grant to get started?  If so you may need to have a alternative plan.  Loan, family assistance etc.

Warning : DO NOT PAY to gain or apply for grants! All government grants are free to apply for and you can not pay to top the short list.  Online services offering this type of service are scams. Read more here. . .

In general, grants come from:

Federal -
State South Australia -
SA Grant Assist - For Business & Industry.
SA Grant Assist - For Communities, clubs and individuals.
A variety of grants are available through local councils. Contact them direct for more information.
Private -
Private grants programs are also available. These are normally delivered by community banks, industry associations or community groups.

If you are frustrated going from site to site then Grant Guru may be your solution. This is a private organisations that collects data on all types of grants and provides quality information whom should apply and what's involved.

"We Are Here To Help You & Your Business"

If you need assistance, please contact the Adelaide Hills Business Centre to get you started. We can help you prepare for your grant application to maximise the outcome.
  • Establish a strategy
  • Investigate funding options
  • Business planning
  • Financial projections
  • Recoding and reporting system
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Grant Writers
If you are seeking assistance to submit a grants- 

Local Equity Funding

If you business has a track record of crating results and profit but to reach the next phase will need addition fundings and a bank is not an option. Then the Adelaide Hills Business Centre may be able to assist with business equity linked loans and equity shareholding.

Contact us using the contact form on this page to enquire.

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