Violin Program 2012-13

ACSU Family Wellness Violin Program 2012-13*

  • Generously sponsored by:
  • The Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation
  • The Addison Central Educational Endowment Fund (ACEEF)
  • &
  • private donors
WHO: Offered to all pre-K children enrolled in the Early Education Program as part of the ACSU Family Wellness research project with Vermont Center for Children, Youth and Families.

Susan Mahony will be the violin teacher. Kim D’MuhalaDiane CoreyUlti Danforth and other dedicated volunteers will assist.

WHAT: Four, 20 minute Suzuki violin lessons per week.

WHERE: Mary Hogan School: Room E-6, down the hall from your child’s classroom.

WHEN: Monday-Thursday, beginning, Monday, October 1, 2012 

Morning pre-K student lessons: 11-11:30AM       Afternoon pre-K student lessons:11:30AM-noon

WHY: Suzuki violin training supports healthy brain development in all sorts of ways during that important year before kindergarten!

Ulti Danforth, Family Wellness Coordinator, will be happy to answer your questions about this new and exciting opportunity! 

Why violin?

Scope & Sequence: Beginning to Play the Violin

Some basic questions you might have about the violin program

How will my child's progress be measured?

Who are the adults that will be working with my child in the violin program?

Violin Program: Week One Overview

Violin Program: Week Two Overview

Violin Program: Week Three Overview

Violin Program: Weeks Four-Five Overview

Violin Program: Week Six Overview

Violin Program: Weeks Seven -Eight Overview

Violin Program: Weeks Nine-Ten Overview

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Violin Program: Weeks Thirteen-Fourteen Overview

Violin Program: Weeks Fifteen-Sixteen Overview

Violin Program: Weeks Seventeen-Eighteen Overview

Violin Program: Weeks Nineteen-Twenty Overview

Violin Program: Weeks Twenty-One & Twenty-Two Overview

Spring Violin Performance: April 10, 2013

Violin Program: Weeks Twenty-Three & Twenty-Four

ACEEF Performance: May 15, 2013