UPDATED 03/14/2012

Who are you?

Christian Sinclair and Tiffany White, two people who never knew each other until SKC helped us find other fans who care about their communities. We are both South Stand Season Ticket Holders. Email questions to christian@adastraskc.org.or find us on the South Stand SC Facebook Group. 

Why are you doing this?

Because we like to see people build something bigger together thorough many small pieces. And supporting others is its own reward.

Why do you need my email?

So we can send you the invoice for what you pledged at the end of the year.  Your email will not be shared.

How can I trust you with my email?

We will not sell it, give it, use it in any other way than to send you the invoice pledge and reminder.  If you no longer want me to 'have' your email just email christian@adastraskc.org and I will remove it from the lists.

Do you send my email to the charity?


Why can't I pick a different charity?

We want to limit it to only a few so we could make a greater impact.  You are always welcome to donate to your charity of choice using the same premise.  But we are sure you could find a way to give at least $1 per goal to one of these charities right?

How did you pick these charities?
We tried to find chariteis that were well-respected, covered diverse areas and had local ties. Also each charity had to have the availability to volunteer in person as we want to make more of an effort than just our wallets.

What charities can I choose from?
HEALTH - LiveSTRONG - Since Sporting Club gives proceeds from Sporting Kansas City to LiveStrong they seemed to be a very appropriate partner.
HUMANITY - Harvesters - A well respected KC based organization helping fight hunger.
*INTERNATIONAL - Heart to Heart International - A KC based organization helping in medical crises around the world and in the United States.
ANIMALS - Humane Society of Greater Kansas City - Well rated on Charity Navigator and broad support in the Kansas City area
*EDUCATION - Kansas City Public Library system - doing great things across the KC Metro for kids and adults and those with literacy challenges.

*new for 2012

I have an idea for a charity for 2013!

Great email me at christian@adastraskc.org and we will have a more open selection process for next year.  And possibly more charities.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

Do the charities know you are doing this?
We will be making outreach efforts to them for official recognition through the year.  If you have connections or would like to help please let us know.

How will we know know you donated?

We won't unless you tell us. Two emails will be sent at the end of the year with contact information for you to make your pledge.  We ask that you confirm with us when your pledge is made. You are on your honor to follow through with your pledge. Tax deductions and being a good kind soul should be enough to keep you honest. In 2011, we had 100% confirmed donations. We are going to work with the organizations to help us track the incoming donations in 2012.  We will not give them your contact information.

Why just goals?  What about clean sheets (shutouts)?

Just making it simple and demonstrating that it can work.  We may bring in shut outs next year.

What goals count?

Only goals scored by Sporting Kansas City during home MLS regular season games will count towards Goals for Good. This does not include friendlies, US Open Cup, Reserve League, or Rugby games.

Do any other MLS teams do this?

Yes.  Christian originally had the idea at the beginning of 2011 while reflecting on the donation of the stadium naming rights to LiveSTRONG.  Operationalizing this and finding time was another issue.  Once he came across the Philadelphia Union site and their program called Unions Fans Assist we figured it was go time. Have not found any other sports teams that do this.

What if Sporting Kansas City decides to do this?

Wonderful! the more attention and the more promotion the better the collective effort.  We would welcome it.

Does Sporting Kansas City, Sporting Club, OnGoal know you are doing this?

Only if they follow Ad Astra SKC on Twitter or Facebook.  I do not have the endorsement or approval from the team.  This is unofficial and fan generated.  We never represent this as being from any of the above entities.