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Scantron has partnered with Westminster Public Schools from the very beginning of their journey into the Competency Based System (CBS). Two products, Performance Series and Achievement Series, provide a complete package of diagnostic and formative/summative assessments.

Performance Series     

Scantron’s Performance Series delivers a valid and reliable, nationally normed computer-adaptive assessment for Reading Foundations, Reading, Math, Language Arts, and Life Science. Three times a year, educators administer PS to diagnose student strengths and weaknesses and place students into appropriate learner-based classrooms. This assessment also helps educators compare performance over time and even predict performance on state assessments.

Achievement Series

Scantron’s Achievement Series provides a mechanism where schools can create Measurement Topic Assessments (MTAs) and Performance Level Assessments (PLAs) to be administered online, on paper, or both. Results are available immediately, and reports provide the data educators need to improve student achievement.

This page provides resources to help Administrators, Facilitators, and Teachers to access and use the multiple features within both Performance Series and Achievement Series.

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