District Supported Programs

Web-Based Learning Programs

Practice, practice, practice!  In an effort to help our students reinforce their classroom learning, Westminster Public Schools provides several district supported web-based applications for students to practice their skills.  Program content includes literacy (RAZ Kids), math (IXL Math) and keyboarding (Typing Agent) and math (PMI). Every student (age appropriate) can log into these programs using their district credentials and can access from any computer with an Internet connection. Westminster Public Schools strongly encourages teachers and parents alike to support this independent learning both in and out of the classroom.  Toward this end, the following page contains resources and materials to help support students' use of every district supported program.  


IXL Teacher User Guides:
    -Extensive teacher user guide: Click here
    -Setup your class roster: Click here
    -Get your class started: Click here
    -Run class reports: Click here
    -Achieving state standards: Click here
IXL Quick Links:
     -Classroom Integration: Click here
    -Alignment to Colorado Math Standards: Click here
    -Generate reports: Click here
    -Classroom intervention techniques: Click here
    -Classroom enrichment: Click here    
IXL Parent User Guides:
    -Get your child started (Parents): Click here
    -Reports for families (Parents): Click here

Typing Agent User Guides:
    -Typing Agent Intro for Teachers: Click here
    -Typing Agent adding Students to your Roster: Click here


Raz Roster Guides:
    -Roster overview: Click here
    -Adding a new student: Click here
    -Restoring a deleted student: Click here
    -Transferring students: Click here
Raz Assignments and In Basket Guides:
    -Assignments overview: Click here
    -In Basket overview: Click here
    -Review practice recordings: Click here
Raz Report Guides:
    -Reports overview: Click here
    -Student activity report overview: Click here
    -Quiz skills report overview: Click here
Raz Parent User Guides:
    -Parent access overview: Click here
    -Parent access to reports: Click here


PMI Resources and Guides:
    -PMI Course Offerings (including text books) :Click here
    -PMI interventions: Click here
    -PMI teaching methods: Click here
    -PMI responder overview: Click here
    -PMI policies and procedures: Click here
    -PMI implementation suggestions: Click here