Digital Citizenship

Westminster Public Schools Required Digital Citizenship Lessons

To ensure compliance with E-rate funding requirements, All Westminster Public Schools sites are required to integrate the Common Sense Digital Citizenship lessons at all levels. E-rate funding almost solely supports Internet bandwidth for the district so it is imperative that we maintain compliance with this requirement. Please ensure that each lesson outlined in the table below is completed by the end of each school year.

Please send a signed copy of the attached E-rate Toolkit Administrator Implementation Checklist Form to Chief Information Officer once you have verified all required lessons have been completed for your students. All lessons should be completed by the last day each school year to ensure we stay in compliance with E-rate funding requirements and that our students are prepared to function in a global society. 

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The Importance of Teaching Digital Citizenship 

As educators we are faced with the ever growing challenge of preparing our students to be successful in tomorrow's world.  This is not always easy.  One area beginning to grow in the lexicon of a 21st century education is digital citizenship.  According to Common Sense Media, "Every day, your students are tested with each post, search chat, text message, file download and profile update.  Do they connect with like minds or spill too much information?  Do they behave creatively or borrow ideas recklessly?  Do they respect relationships or inadvertently damage reputations?"  

These are questions all teachers, administrators and parents must address.  Working to engage our students to think critically, behave safely, and responsibly participate in the cyber-world is a task our entire community must embrace.  This page provides resources and valuable information to help start meaningful conversations with our students concerning Digital Citizenship.  Under the Quick Links you can find useful Internet sites that help teachers integrate digital citizenship into their classrooms.  Listed below are some classroom posters that highlight the importance of Internet safety.  Feel free to print them off and hang for your students to see!