Classroom Devices

Westminster Public Schools utilizes a variety of computing devices to aid in our student's learning.  Each of these are unique and can be utilized in different and meaningful ways.  This page provides teachers and parents with resources and necessary information to make the most of the district-issued devices.

"Chromebooks provide the teaching and learning benefits of computers without the typical distractions that come with technology in the classroom...Applications, school work, and settings are stored in the cloud, so multiple students can use the same Chromebook and still have their own personalized experience when they sign in. Best of all, there is no special training required: If you know how to use the web, you know how to use a Chromebook."

What are Chromebooks?

A Chrome book is a computer that operates the Google Chrome operating system.  The device does not have a hard drive and therefore users can not download items (including software) or save work to the computer itself.  Instead, all programs and work are completed through web based applications. At Westminster Public Schools, every student and teacher is provided a Google Account, which allows access to Google Drive (click here for more information about Drive) as well as Google Apps (click here for more information about GApps).  In addition, all district supported programs can be accessed via Chromebooks.

Chromebooks in the Classroom 

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Smart Boards

"Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink and save your work – all with the simple touch of a finger."

What are Smart Boards?

A Smart Board takes whiteboards to a new level by making them interactive.  It uses touch detection for the user (teacher or student) to input typical PC commands (scrolling/right mouse click/etc) on the board directly. A projector is connected to a computer and displays the desktop image onto the interactive whiteboard.  The screen recognizes touch commands and allows user to navigate computer functions directly from the white board in front of the class.

Smart Boards in the Classroom 

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"The iPad is transforming the way we teach and learn.  Powerful creative tools, interactive textbooks, and a universe of apps and content make for endless learning possibilities.  All on a device everyone already loves to use"

What are iPads?

The iPad is tablet computer that runs on Apple's iOS operating system.  The user interface is built around the device's touch screen, including the use of tiles for applications and a virtual keyboard.  iPads can take pictures, shoot video, play music, and perform internet functions, including email and GPS navigation. Apple also provides an ecosystem of Apps that can be downloaded onto an iPad.  The App Store has over 500,000 applications, many of which are education based.

iPads in the Classroom
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iPod Touch
"Teachers are using iPods to support second language learners, address the needs of diverse learners, motivate struggling readers, as well as to support their own professional development. And, because the iPod is mobile, administrators, teachers and students can learn where and when they want."
What are iPod Touches?

The iPod Touch is a pocket computer that employs multiple purposes for the user.  It is designed by Apple and much like the iPad, has a user interface this is touchscreen-based.  It can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi and has many features similar to a personal digital assistant (PDA).  It can play music and video, has a digital camera and operates on Apple's iOS operating system.  It does not have wireless capabilities and therefore is not a smartphone.

iPod Touch in the Classroom

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