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Who We Are and What We Do

The Westminster Public Schools vision describes what the community wants the school district to look like in the future.

Vision: Preparing future leaders, learners and thinkers for a Global community.

Mission: Westminster Public Schools will create opportunities to develop competent, agile learners who will contribute to their community and achieve personal success.

"We Agree" Statements: Our Values and Operating Principles of Leadership

Benchmarking student growth, evaluating educator effectiveness and ensuring teachers have access to viable instructional tools is a critical charge of Westminster Public Schools.  Toward this end, the Department of Assessment and Instructional Technology develops, supervises and evaluates district functions in the areas of assessment, compliance reporting and the implementation of instructional technology.

The department helps keep classroom educators and administrators informed on the implementation of all K-12 assessment programs.  This includes developing processes based on state standards and district Learning Targets to inform teachers about the effectiveness of their instruction, as well as help students track and monitor their learning. Districts are required to supervise and administer local and state assessments, coordinate accreditation and school improvement plans and ensure measurable growth exists in best practices, research, evaluation and assessment systems.

Finally, the Department of Assessment and Instructional Technology supports the integration of various forms of technology into district curriculum frameworks by providing leadership, support, and professional development of 21st century learning.  The department investigates, researches, evaluates, and recommends creative and innovative uses of technology as a means of improving instruction, curriculum, academic support and administrative delivery systems.

Assessment & Instructional Technology Division Members

Jeni Gotto- Executive Director of Teaching and Learning 

Jennette Kuxhausen- Administrative Assistant to Jeni Gotto

Amy Sulley- Assessment Support Systems Manager

Nancee Sprigg- Achievement Coordinator

Kevin Byers- Competency Based System Support Coordinator