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Check Drive Derby

Monday, February 13th to Friday, February 24th!!!

We are asking student’s to collect and donate at least $25.  By doing this our school would raise approximately $25,000. With the bond and upcoming improvements one item we would like to add but will not get is a marque for the front of the school to keep parents up to date of events. 

Staff will compete Kentucky Derby style to promote and raise funds.  Each student may choose a teacher to donate their money towards for the race.  The funds will be updated daily on the race track that will hang in the front foyer of the school.  The teacher they want represented will jockey as they try to pull ahead of the pack.  This is how kids will know how the individual teachers are doing.  Obviously the more money the teacher collects the further ahead their jockey will be. The staff member that promotes and collects the most money and crosses the checkered flag first will be given a special prize for their classroom. 

Students will also have the chance to earn prizes.  They were emailed a survey and given the opportunity to vote on their prize.  The students raising the most money per grade will earn an Amazon gift card. The more money that is raised the higher amount the students will earn as a prize. To make this an even more fun event students will be given the opportunity to participate in derby hat day, bow tie day, and get their picture taken as a jockey during lunches.  

Money will be collected online through the Westlake website main page, cash, or checks made out to WLMS and given to the chosen teacher.  Please consider Supporting Westlake Middle School and their desire to reach community, staff, students, and parents in raising money for this goal of building a marque.