We would like to welcome you to Westlake Middle School’s student support services team. As a team we meet on a regular basis to discuss student concerns and achievements. We also meet on a regular basis for professional development that increases our ability to educate your student.


If you would like to learn about RTI (response to intervention) information from National Research Center on Learning Disabilities visit www.nrcld.org.


The RTI model is predicated on:


• High quality standards-based instruction;

• Evidenced based materials;

• Universal screening of all students;

• Continuous progress monitoring; and

• Problem solving and instructional decision making.


The intent of this model is that each student has access to instruction of sufficient intensity to ensure adequate progress.


At Westlake, we are committed to the additional support systems at varying level of intensity in order for students to perform at their academic and/or behavioral potential as defined by the Adams Twelve Eight Traits. We use a collaborative approach that allows teachers across grade levels to meet as vertical teams to discuss strategies and interventions for students.