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Important information

Steve Lash

English and SOAR Teacher

Email:  steve.lash@adams12.org

Phone:  (720) 972-4586

My Daily Schedule for 2015-2016

 Period   Class
 1 -
 3 & 4
 10th WSP  
 5 & 6
 10th WSP 
 7              Supervision
 SOAR 11/12

I will be available BY APPOINTMENT periods 1, 2 and 7 all year.

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Horizon High School Homepage

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A quick word about me:

I am about 7 feet tall, furry, and often difficult to understand when communicating, though you'll figure me out if you take the time.

I have been teaching at Horizon for 17 years; I have taught all levels of English, Russian, Student Government, and Service Learning.  I have also served as an Instructional Leader and Coach.
I have collaborated with incredible staff members here to initiate Link Crew, the SOAR program, and the Green and Clean club.  I also played a role in taking down the Galactic Empire.

I believe in the power of learning, the power of our public schools to prepare young men and women for meaningful societal contributions, and in the power of each and every student to achieve every day.  I look forward to our work this year.
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