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You can reach Email @:         or
                                    Call @: 720 - 972 - 6758 
Academic Support every Tuesday and Thursday: 
       Math 2: Room B-210
           Math 3: Room D-212
Schedule/ Office Hours  
 1/2 Math 2 Block
 Take a test
 3 PlanningA-108 Get Help/ Take a test
 4 LunchA-108Get Help/ Take a test 
 5 Math 3 yrlg B-210Take a test 

 6 Math 3 yrlg B-210Take a test
 7PlanningA-108 Get Help/ Take a test

8Math 3 yrlg D-212
Take a test 
 Acad. SupportMath 3 yrlgD-212Get Help/ Take a test
 After School  D-212 or A-108 Get Help/ Take a test

I am also available after school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, by appointment.

Please check out all of the available items on my site.  
 ASSIGNMENT CALENDAR for all Math classes. 
  • The calendar will be updated often and I will include any upcoming assessments.  
  • This will be the key to help you be prepared when you are not here or didn't have a chance to write down the assignment.

CLASS WORK  (ALL dates are subject to change.)
  • Class work and answers will be posted daily below the calendar for that class!!!!!! 
  • Students can see the toolkit notes and copy them, if they missed them in class, before they return.
  • Students can see which investigations were completed and stay caught up.  
  • Must be taken within district deadlines or students may risk full credit.