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Mrs. Gussman's Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Period 1         7:15-8:13        Planning Period (Rm C0319)   
Period 2         8:19-9:12        Chemistry (Rm C0308)     
Period 3         9:17-10:10      Planning Period (Rm C0319) 

Period 4         10:15-11:08    Planning Period (Rm C0319) 
Period 5         11:13-12:06    AP Environmental Science (Rm C0310)
Period 6         12:11-1:04      
Planning Period 
(Rm C0319) 
Period 7         1:09-2:02       
Chemistry (Rm C0308)     
Period 8         2:07-3:00       
Chemistry (Rm C0308)                                

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Mrs. Gussman