Mr. Martin
Language Arts

Mr. Martin has been teaching English and Social Studies courses since 2006 and at Legacy High School since 2016. He was a Colorado State University University Honor Scholar, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in History, coupled with a minor in English. He continued his education by earning a Masters Degree in Instruction and Curriculum: Humanities Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Lastly, he received an Educational Specialist Degree in Adminstrative Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Colorado at Denver, along with principal licensure. 

Mr. Martin is a 4th generation Colorado native who grew up in the Milliken & Johnstown area, attending Roosevelt High School. In high school, he participated in Basketball and Track. He married his wife in 2009, and welcomed his daughter to the family in 2015. Mr. Martin loves to read and enjoy the Colorado mountains during the summer and weekends.

 Contact Information
Office:   Room A218 (2nd floor/South Offices)
Phone:  720-972-6744

Teaching Schedule:

Period 1:    English 12 - Mobile 7

Period 2:     English 12 - Mobile 7

Period 3:    Plan

Period 4:    English 11 - Mobile 7

Period 4:   English 11 - Mobile 7

Period 6:    Lunch

Period 7:    Plan

Period 8:    English 12 - Mobile 7

ASP: Mobile 7