MLA Review & Practice
Mrs. McClurg

Directions for completing the practice activity: 
  1. Open the MLA Practice Activity worksheet. Select Open with --> Google Docs. Google Docs should automatically save a copy of the document in your Drive, but if not, go to File and look for either Make a copy or Save to Google Docs.
  2. Use the article Signs of Climate Change to answer the questions on the practice activity. Passages in the article are highlighted and labeled. 
  3. When you've completed the activity, click on the blue Share link in the top, right-hand corner.  Select Get shareable link and then click Copy
  4. Open the activity submission form and paste your link into the Google Doc Link text box.  Don't forget to also add your name (last name, first name) and your class period. Click Submit
  5. Each question in the activity will be graded using a 4 point rubric

Additional Resources